Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

Web Redesign

The Challenge

My church, Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist church, needed a website redesign. The new site needed to be responsive. This being my favorite place to go on Sunday, of course I did this project free of charge.


The Process

I had quite a bit of creative control but made sure I ran big decisions by the church management team. I researched similar church websites, and noted areas of improvement. One glaring issue was the responsiveness, and another was administrative things like more regular back ups.


The Solution

  • A new responsive website.
  • One of the most important items, events are now easily viewed on the front page.
  • Analytics to track usage and adjust website based on that in the future.

The church is changing leadership so the next step could be to redesign slightly based on the new leader’s needs and ideas. I am ready for this because I understand that websites change with organisation’s goals.


The Website Before The Redesign

The previous website was not responsive and was difficult to read on smaller devices.

Mt Calvary Before

The New Website

Fully Responsive

Mount Calvary Responsive Image